Located in the Berry Island Bahamas, Chub Cay’s Membership Program, ‘Island Idols’ is a technologically evolutionary step towards the future of hospitality service. The Island Idols Membership uses a unique system to structure the multiple tiers available. Each tier provides a heightened experience and a range of benefits.


Here is a breakdown of your options on how to experience Chub Cay:

1. Island Idol Owners

As an Island Idol owner, you gain access to Chub Cay, the Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, Pool, Tiki Bar, Gym, Spa, and future Tennis/Pickleball Courts. These amenities provide the perfect setting to relax, unwind, and connect with fellow members. Additionally, Idol owners enjoy discounted rates (20-50% off) on resort and marina bookings. This membership is available in elements such as water and fire, each representing a unique aspect of the island's natural beauty and energy. Depending on the element of your Island Idol, you will receive a 25% discount on the corresponding utility. For example, if you own a water element Island Idol, you will receive a 25% discount on water utilities, while a fire element Island Idol will grant you a 25% discount on electricity usage. This unique feature is extremely beneficial to guests staying within the marina for 14 or more nights per year. When not in use, Island Idol owners are able to lease their Idol in the revolutionary Chub Cay App Marketplace. The lease rate is split with Chub Cay Resort and Marina Club on a 50/50 basis. More information on this can be seen below. Island Idol owners are able to "share" their island access with a +1 and any children under 18 years old, per any given stay (max stay of 60 days). All reservations must be made under the Idol owners name, the owner must be present at check-in and check-out and all reservation charges and associated on-island folio charges must be made via credit card matching the Idol owners name.


For the occasional Chub Cay traveler, we recommend renting an idol. This grants you the same access to amenities as Island Idol owners have, as well as being able to book at the discounted rate.


3. VIP

The VIP Membership is the highest and most exclusive tier in the Island Idols program. It is specifically designed for Chub Cay property owners who want to enjoy the utmost luxury and privilege. To become a VIP member, you need to own property on Chub Cay and pay a one-time fee of $100,000, along with an annual fee of $10,000. For further information on membership, please contact Club General Manager: David at


4. Explorers

For those not just yet convinced on the perks of Club Membership or Island Idol ownership, we invite you to see what Chub Cay has to offer for yourself before committing. The Explorer rate plan allows you access to Chub Cay, the Nauti Rooster, Posh Peacock/Marlin Market, Marina Wash House, Fish Cleaning Station and Fuel Dock. It does not allow you entrance to the Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar, Pool Deck, Tiki Bar or surrounding areas.


Key components about Island Idols you need to know

Membership Acquisition

1. Membership Acquisition

To become an Island Idols member, you can participate in auctions on the official website, where available memberships are auctioned to the highest bidder. Alternatively, you can explore the Island Idols Marketplace within the Chub Cay app to buy or lease memberships directly. The memberships can be purchased using Bitcoin or credit card payments, providing flexibility in your payment options.

Benefits and Discounts

2. Benefits and Discounts

All Island Idols memberships, including Captain and VIP, offer discounted rates (20-50% off) on resort and marina bookings, allowing you to enjoy the finest accommodations and amenities on Chub Cay. Additionally, VIP members and Idol members receive further discounts on utilities related to their element, which are water, fire, air, and earth. These discounts enhance the overall value and convenience of being an Island Idols member.

Leasing and Value Generation

3. Leasing and Value Generation

One of the unique features of Island Idols is the ability to lease your membership when you're not using it. By logging into the Chub Cay Mobile App, you can place your membership up for rent and generate Chub Cay credit or cash. This feature ensures that even when you're away, your membership continues to provide you value. Leasing allows others to experience the beauty of Chub Cay while you benefit from the income generated by your membership. Income received through leasing your membership may be utilized as a folio credit towards any Chub Cay reservations/on-island charges or may be withdrawn as cash. Cash withdrawals must be a minimum of $1000 and are subject to outgoing transfer fees plus a service fee 10% of the withdrawal amoun

Ownership and Transfer

4. Ownership and Transfer

Island Idols memberships are owned digitally as Ordinal inscriptions (NFTs) and are authenticated and stored securely within the Chub Cay app or on a self-custody Ordinal wallet. On our Chub Cay app Memberships can be sold at any time for any reason, and you retain 90% of the sales price. The transfer process is facilitated by the Island Idols team to ensure a seamless and transparent experience. If you to you choose to self-custody, you will have the flexibility to list your Idol on one of the many Bitcoin Ordinal marketplaces.

Stay Informed and Connected

5. Stay Informed and Connected

To stay up to date with the latest announcements, interact with fellow members, and access additional resources, the official Island Idols Discord community is the go-to platform. It provides a space for discussions, sharing experiences, and receiving timely updates. You can also visit the official Island Idols website for general information, subscribe to the newsletter for regular news and updates, and download the Chub Cay app to conveniently manage your membership and access the Island Idols Marketplace. Claiming an Island Idols Membership today means immersing yourself in a world of relaxation, exclusivity, and natural beauty tomorrow. By joining this elite community, you gain access to remarkable amenities, discounts, and the potential for generating extra income through leasing. Island Idols is an opportunity to create lasting memories, enjoy solitude, and even build meaningful connections all within a truly unparalleled island paradise.

Join the ranks of Island Idols now and embark on a journey that will redefine your understanding of paradise. Discover the magic of Chub Cay, immerse yourself in its beauty, and create memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll see you there!

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